Making the connection between food, environment and health – as cause and as cure!

Hello! I am a nationally board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner (ARNP).  In Washington State ARNPs have the broadest scope of practice nation-wide.  Prior to starting at Phinney Primary Care and Wellness, I worked as a primary care provider at UW Medicine in Internal Medicine where I saw a diverse population of patients, helping them with a wide range of issues, and developing the meaningful practitioner/patient relationships and trust that are fundamental to successful outcomes.

My own health and wellness journey led me to the way I practice medicine today. The connections between lifestyle, genetic makeup, and how we interact with our environment – socially, what we eat, exposure to toxins – impact whether we’ll develop disease … or not! This is why it’s so important to focus on the root causes of disease and not solely treat symptoms.

I started out my career as a PhD scientist in biotech working on drug discovery and diagnostic development. Now as a primary care health provider, my curious nature, tenacity and attention to detail – the core of being a scientist – still drive me towards staying on top of current research and determining root causes of disease.  As a scientist and healthcare provider my process is to organize information and apply it therapeutically in an intuitive, insightful and helpful manner for my patients to help them gain their personal optimal health.

I am certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) - an individualized, science-based approach that addresses underlying root causes of disease towards the promotion of optimal wellness. Visit the Institute of Functional Medicine’s website to learn more about Functional Medicine www.ifm.org

I have a passion for cooking and healthy, delicious eating. I enjoy getting outside to paddle board, cross country ski, back pack, bike, and make art out of found objects in nature. As often as possible, I venture out into the peace and tranquility of nature with my husband and children.

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