Covid Vaccine Update

Covid 19 vaccine update from Phinney Primary Care and Wellness.

As most of you know the COVID 19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna have been authorized by the FDA to be given for the prevention of COVID 19. Limited shipments have been sent to Washington State and will be distributed under the authority of the WA State department of health. Our clinic has applied to be a distribution site, however we do not know if we will be called upon to help vaccinate our patients/staff/or others in our community. We will not be getting any doses of the current Pfizer vaccine which are in limited supply and were distributed to hospitals where it can be stored at a very low temperature. We have the capability of storing the Moderna vaccine and the AstraZeneca vaccine if it becomes authorized.

Regarding vaccinations of different populations we are currently in Phase 1a:

“Phase 1a vaccine doses:
Vaccines in phase 1a will be available for high-risk workers in health care settings, highest-risk first responders, and to residents and staff of long-term care facilities. It will take a number of weeks of vaccination allocation to have enough to vaccinate everyone eligible in phase 1a. As we receive more doses sometime in January, we anticipate being able to reach additional priority groups…. WA State Dept of Health Dec 10, 2020”

For more information in regards to Phased Allocation of vaccine:

For more general information around the vaccine:
This site is an excellent source of up to date information about the COVID 19 vaccines available in Washington state.

As soon as we hear more about our ability to vaccinate our patients we will let you know. Until then we are all waiting to find out when different groups are eligible to get vaccinated, and once distributed where they can get it. Our hope is that the vaccine becomes available by early summer to all of our patients if not sooner. There is still much we do not know about vaccine availability and locations of vaccinations. We will do our best to help you and work together to assist and encourage everyone to get a COVID 19 vaccine.