Fremont Family Practice is moving and changing our name

We are moving our clinic.  Fremont Family Practice is moving to Phinney Ridge in July 2020.  Yes it is true we are moving 20 blocks north of our current location.  The new clinic will be located at 6804 Greenwood Ave N just past the bend where Phinney Ave N becomes Greenwood Ave N.  We are excited to have a new office with more room for our patients/staff and providers.  While we will miss the convenience and close connection with Fremont Family Dentistry both practices will be able to serve more patients in a less cramped environment.  The medical clinic will be changing our name to Phinney Primary Care and Wellness as we are not technically in the Fremont neighborhood any longer.  We are however the same clinic, with the same providers and room to add a few more (see Welcome Elizabeth Goldberg). Our philosophy for care has not changed we are dedicated to providing personalized high quality medical care, with low waiting times and easy access to your provider. Our phone number has not changed, and our web site will be updated.  We are excited to open our new space and welcome you to the new clinic in Phinney Ridge.