COVID 19 update

It seems fitting to offer an update on the state of our health pandemic.  While I think many of us have found a way to cope with the changes and challenges of social distancing, we are realizing that we are in it for the “long haul.”  Changing our mindsets is an important part of coping.  As physicians in our practice we are committed to partner with you for your health, both physical and mental.  The dangers of COVID 19 are clear especially to higher risk individuals, and as a practice we support and encourage you to do your part to protect others.  As a clinic we are doing what we can to protect you during any office visit and to utilize telemedicine when possible to minimize transmission.  While we have recently reopened to preventive care at the office things will look different: we are screening all appointments by phone, when you arrive we will check your temperature, ask that you wear a mask/covering and practice social distancing. We will clean all rooms between patients and all providers/staff will be wearing masks as well.

We keep a close eye on the new recommendations and evidence based findings around reducing transmission thru social distancing, possible new treatments, and progress towards the development of a vaccine. We have access to COVID 19 antibody and viral testing at our clinic for established patients but ask you call first to discuss with your provider.

We are very aware of the social and economic impact of this pandemic and we understand everyone is not affected equally by this crisis.  In addition, we understand and acknowledge the mental health challenges it has presented, especially for those who are isolated or may already have mental health conditions.  Our message to you is that we are available.  Thru telemedicine appointments we can see you usually the same day, and we now have appointments in the office when needed.

Stay healthy and safe.