Telemedicine at Fremont Family Practice

Telemedicine or Telehealth is a new service being offered to patients at Fremont Family Practice. This is a 15 minute video conference with your provider at our clinic. It is suitable for various appointments typically that would not require a hands on examination. Some examples of typical visits may include medication follow up visits for depression, blood pressure or high cholesterol, abnormal lab follow up, some mental health visits, diabetes and hypertension follow up visits. It is not suitable for new patients, or visits that require in person physical examinations.

The advantages of Telemedicine are great. They can reduce travel time and missed work time. In addition, telemedicine empowers physicians and patients to actively participate in the immediate health care needs, leading to more successful health care outcomes. Finally, Telemedicine can reduce health care costs by reducing ER visits, better management of chronic diseases and addressing medical needs before they require hospitalization.

I invite you to consider how Telemedicine in our clinic can improve your health needs. If you would like to use our services, contact our office or look online at our web site under “Telemedicine.”

Dr. David Harvey